Moving Powerful Unique Colorful.

eRRe2 was born in October 2008 from the need to experiment a new musical and structural language that leaves wide space to live impro and extemporarization. eRRe2 immediately developed during its first performances a very specific and personal sound that gave life to the initial project. In 2009 the first album “eRRe2″. The result of this work is an album whose grounding is based on a retrieved LO-FI electronic music, jazz and ambient experimentations, and a psychedelic attitude that accompanies the sonic realm of progressive music with at the same time a modern and minimalist sensitivity.  The sincretic ability of the band is striking, and it is rendered with a spontaneous and natural puzzle of sounds and intuitions. The use of modified noisy toys and electronic equipments create a unique contrast with the musical world produced by guitar and trumpet.

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eRRe2 – Twelve labours live

Pepe Ragonese – trumpet
Jacopo Bertacco – guitar, loops, synths
Tommaso Fiori – electronics