eRRe2′s album out now

eRRe2 new album is OUT!

Available mainly at eRRe2′s live show, and very soon in internet.

The Italian Jazz trumpet player Paolo Fresu writes:

eRRe2 is simply the music of today.  Indefinable like the new way of the world but with echoes from everyday frenzy as well as from personal introspection.

Sounds that are sometimes harsh meet others that are airy and meditative.

You can hear the world in this music. Sounds and noises that belong to everyone, so that everyone can listen to them and make them their own.

eRRe2 is a CD not only to listen to but also to see, with the eyes of a constantly growing and thus circumscribed planet.  Like the foreseeable circle of the object/CD that comprises treasures to be discovered.”


1. Bacchus
2. Afghanistan
3. Guernica
4. Tree
5. Twelve Labours
6. Dolls
7. Stars
8. Sinbad the Sailor (part 1)
9. Sinbad the Sailor (part 2)
10. Circus
11. Venus
12. Dephts

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