NEW RELEASE: Mad Kate | the Tide – will be ready – the teufelsberg session

“Will Be Ready” comprises droney soundscapes recorded live in the former CIA spy-station Teufelsberg on West Berlin’s outskirts, which now existing only as an immaculate echo chamber. For anyone who has been there, the sight of the giant sphere emerging from pristine forests sticks deep, a fading monument to the human urge to dominate other human beings through knowing. In light of the PRISM scandal, the question lingers, what on earth do these agencies actually want with all the data they collect on us. What do they expect to make of it? Vocalist Mad Kate fills this cold war relic Teufelsberg dome with the minute detail of human thought, emotion and experience. With more than an echo of the Cocteau Twins’ Elizabeth Frazer, Mad Kate calls out sentences, words, fragments and moans that depict mourning and loss, freedom and fantasy, while The Tide fills the space with guitar scrapes and chords repeated endlessly into infinity.

With “Will Be Ready”, Mad Kate and The Tide have transformed Teufelsberg, once a vast data-collecting machine into a human mind in all its creaky complexity. The EP is a reminder that no matter how much data they collect, information is not knowledge and that even in this information-obsessed era, something of the human mind remains sacrosanct.

“Will Be Ready” stands at the precipice between one life within lives, to the next life within lives. she will be ready for the death that calls her to jump.


released 24 July 2013
Mad Kate – vocals
the Tide – guitar


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