ALIVE:nessLP/eBook (2013)

ALIVE:ness is: music, text, evidence, movement, photography, performance, dialogue and praxis. ALIVE:ness queers our self identity in a global context, proposing that our digital reality can aid and deepen the practice of imagined global community. Thereby we become more effective activists and advocates of each other.

ALIVEness will be on sale digitally from all the usual suspects after 30.10.2013.  The eBook will can be purchased through Blurb.com after 23.11.2013


WILL BE READY the Teufelsberg session – (Freudian Slit Records, 2013)



Combinatorics – EP is available as ebook (text and photos) and music through eblurb here and as digital release EP on all the usual suspects.

Combinatorics cover low

LEATHER JACKET - Single (2012)

Single Cover*


LEATHER JACKET Modernista Remix (Black Leather Records, 2012)