International Guitar Ensemble

The sextet  presents a unique approach to the performance:  the visual and sonic impact of the six guitars on stage is powerful and striking. The repertoire includes original compositions, western film covers, classical re-workings that are presented together with a specific kind of collective improvisation known as Circulations. The two ensembles fuse in an unique voice but also manage from time to time to keep and express the lively root of their cultural identities: Italy and Mexico. Making use of a wide range of instrumental styles fusing European classical music, rock, blues, jazz, world music, the band emphasizes technical virtuosity and humor.

The band has recently released its first EP recorded live on tour in Italy in 2010, and is currently working on a new album.

some history….

The performing septet is a band founded in 2008 from members of Riddle string Trio (Italy) and Contemporary Guitar Ensemble (Mexico)
Leonardo (CGE) and Jacopo (RST)  first met in Italy at one of Robert Fripp’s Guitar Craft courses in 2002.  After completing several of these intensive courses, the two toured worldwide with Fripp’s League of Crafty Guitarists.

Since then they continued working separately in Italy and Mexico, where they founded the two ensembles. Almost all the members of the two bands also have a Guitar Craft background.

The Contemporary Guitar Ensemble was born out of the work of the Guitar Circle of Mexico, it’s members have a Guitar Craft background.

Director: Leonardo Requejo

The aim of the CGE  is to explore and research different areas and potentialities of a location based performance team.

This research is applied to the form and content of the performance: repertoire, circulations, performing on stage as well as surrounding the audience seeking to include space as a dimension of musical development and actively engaging good will in the process of performance.


International Guitar Ensemble – live in Milan 02.04.2011