Riddle String Trio


The Riddle String Trio repertoire is constantly evolving, is open to all genres and includes arrangements of a range of compositions.

Many songs come from famous film music and are revisited by the Trio in a light-hearted spirit with a touch of irony. They also pay homage to some of the musicians that have inspired the band – from Bach to the Beatles, Satie and King Crimson.

Riddle String Trio toured during 2008 in Italiy and Europe performing in important theatres, jazz club, festivals. In 2008 RST played in Asmara, Eritrea, invited by the Italian embassy, to represent Italian culture and musical tradition.

As part of the International Guitar Ensemble  the Riddle String Trio recently appeared on the Bloody Beetroots’s official gazzette after having covered in an eclectic medley classic Bloody Beetroots’s tunes.

Riddle String Trio play The Bloody Beetroots

mr. Bob Rifo writes:  ”..This weeks most popular video is definitely one for the books. Three guys doing classic Bloody Beetroots’ tracks, acoustic. They’re called the Riddle String Trio. Tommaso Fiori and Jacopo Bertacco on guitar and Steve Palmieri on bass. First thing that comes to my mind is, how long have they been practicing this? Guess what folks, this is just the test video(!). What we especially loved about this video is that they give you the same “wow” effect as a show would. The mysterious sound in the beginning of Warp 1.9, is recognized from the first strum.
We can’t wait to hear more from you guys…”


Kan-non Power (Moriya) by tideofsound