Riddle is an Italian rock band active on the scene from 2002.

The music of the band is a result of a unique fusion of many different musical genres.

The main caracteristic is a mature awereness of the 21st century’s musical tradition, that doesn’t renounce to a sincere, ludic approach…seasoned with a particular psychedelic taste.

The group has worked with various types of projects: multimedia performances, artistic productions for different Italian artists, composition and performance of music for silent movies, work in the theatre and, naturally, live performances.

The band has performed in all sorts of situations and venues, from important rock festivals to rock clubs, social centres, theatres, bars, schools, city squares, etc..

Riddle is a project that is constantly undergoing changes and that has been defined by the press in a wide variety of terms and has been compared to many other, different groups. It is therefore not easy to define the band without using the usual labels, dreamed up to define whatever fails to fall into a specific category.

In Riddle the rock attitude goes hand in hand with a love of “atmospheres”, echoes of classical and contemporary music, veins of jazz, punk agro and a dressing of pop – music imbued with the most diverse personal experiences.


Jacopo Bertacco – guitar
Steve Palmieri – bass
Tommaso Fiori – electronics