Desire Will Set You Free

Mad Kate | the Tide is honored to feature here among  Peaches and other great artists.


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When We Are Together We Can Be Everywhere


Poster and artwork for “When We Are Together We Can Be Everywhere” film by Marit Östberg,  original soundtrack by Mad Kate | the Tide

Adios Amigo, film by Sergio Belinchon, original music by eRRe2

Adios Amigo! from Guido Manuilo Still&Moving Photo on Vimeo.

This project involves a revision of the imaginary American native land, relocated here to the geography of Huesca (Spain), the stage for the shooting of some thirty spaghetti westernsbetween the 60s and 70s. A cowboy leaves behind a completely abandoned town and crosses the landscapes of so many films’ landscapes in which Huesca dressed up as Texas, in not only a geographical but also a temporal movement, and that culminates in the current moment. It is about a twilight film – in this case, a crepuscular spaghetti western -, where what was has been transformed into something else; an update in the eternal topic of the search for a promised land.


Riddle – Filmworks I 


Filmworks I  presents Riddle’s work of soundtracking  silent comedies’ Feet of Mud (1924) with Harry Langdon and Captain Kid’s Kid (1919) with Harold Lloyd.

Filmworks I was presented live at the International Live Silent Movie Soundtracking Festival “Strade del Cinema” in Aosta (Italy) in August 2006 and in Saronno at the “Celluloidee” Festival in 2008, always being a great favourite with the audience.

Riddle manage to catch the ironic and sparkling taste of the two films, taking advantage of their own variety of timbres, that has always been a distinctive feature of the band and also their personal approach to composition that mainly derives from improvisation and from a playful attitude.

I) Feet of Mud (1924)

Directed by Harry Edwards. Cast: Harry Langdon, Natalie Kingston

“As Harry has “cleaned up” on the football field and won the big game, Natalie’s dad figured that he should do the same in the world of work before marrying his daughter. Harry’s chance to prove himself comes with an “engineering” job with the city. But it’s sanitary engineering, and while our street sweeping hero tries his best, he just can’t avoid making enemies. When he stumbles into the midst of a lively Chinatown tong war, it’s Harry’s bravery that saves Natalie and wins the day.”

II) Captain Kid’s Kid (1919)

Directed by Hal Roach. Cast: Harold Lloyd, Bebe Daniels

“After a wild bachelor party, our hero finds himself aboard a sailing vessel where he encounters numerous adventures. In a dream sequence, he fantasizes that the ship is seized by a band of female pirates.”