the Tide is the Sound behind the persona of Jacopo Bertacco.

Born in Milan and currently living in Berlin. A musician, Yoga teacher and artist open to experimentation and contamination between different languages, since 2000 he has devoted himself to various music projects, such as multimedia performances, movies sound-tracks, work with theatre and live performance with different bands.

A member of the legendary The League of Crafty Guitarists guitar ensemble, since 2007 he has played and performed with Robert Fripp & The League of Crafty Guitarists, touring Europe and North America.

He plays and collaborate with known artists, musicians, actors, performers, in many ways and different fields, making decisive contributions to the realization of various LPs.

He came to the integration of music with psycho-physical techniques in 2002 with his participation in the Guitar Craft courses directed by guitarist Robert Fripp. In these intensive seminars, he learned the use of a new standard tuning (C G D A E g) and has been introduced to specific techniques, amongst which collective improvisations, known as “Circulations”. Together with perfecting modern guitar techniques, he had the opportunity to practise specific exercises which  encourage the awakening and activation of consciousness, the division of attention, the development of coordination and understanding of the body, and deep relaxation techniques. Through Alexander Technique he has developed a sound awareness of posture.

Past and ongoing collaborations include among others: Bob RutmanEndruh Unruh from Einstürzende neubauten - Malika Ayane  -  eRRe2,  Tongs,  International Guitar Ensemble,  1605munro,  Riddle,  The RobRyan Road Show,  The Thrust, Giovanni Giorgi group,  “Improvvisi”  duo with C.M.Nartoni.

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