Giovanni Giorgi e Jacopo Bertacco – UNFOLD

UNFOLD is the revelation of man as a complex and microcosmic creature.

A look at our planet from a remote deep space.

A kaleidoscopic magma of sounds that narrates the ancestral emptiness before the game of creation,

the “fall” in the flesh and in the matter, the clash of the feeble human creature with the merciless forces of nature that lead to the invocation, singing and prayer,

the transfiguration of the mind and the return to the formless void.

Drums and guitar work atypically as a small orchestra, evoking images and atmospheres by synthetic and electronic sounds and real time sampling.

The guitar caresses the interstellar emptiness with long and crystalline tones, screams like angry dinosaurs, tells stories of hunting and arboreal life.

The drums’s sound becomes stone and metal, carved in a magical and mysterious forge.

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